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Our Vision

“Visitors tend to approach us as the Akkotel Family, and we are, indeed, a family.

We seek to offer you a warm and welcoming stay at our renovated Historical Boutique Hotel,
with a high standard of hospitality. 

Our aim is to maintain the World Heritage Monument and make it possible to our guests to enjoy the
mixture of Historical and contemporary experience”.


As Richard I, Phillip II, Marco Polo, Napoleon and many others passed through Acre.
the gate is open to you too to pass through the old walls of Acre.




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Contacts Address:

Salahuddin Street No 1
Acre (Akko) Old City, Israel

24112, P.O.Box No . 1153
Tel: +972 4 9877100
Fax +972 4 9810626






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Akko Old City 24112 ISRAEL l Salahuddin Street  P.O.Box 1153 l Tel: +972-4-9877100 Fax: +972-4-9810626 l Email:


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