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  Part of the Walls


Part of the Walls    

The building that houses Akkotel is a Historical
Monument that is embedded in the wall surrounding
the Old City.
You can see the wall inside the Hotel
when you pass to the older part of the building.


The structure was sectioned and is beautifully
preserved so that you can see it in the lobby

area and in the upper floors. The building is
close to the land gate, the only entrance to the
Old City during the Ottoman period.


Akkotel is very close to the Beach, the Market
and the Port (2-10 minutes walk).









    Akkotel Boutique Hotel offers you a panoramic roof view of:


    צורה קטנה  Old Acre & Port    צורה קטנה Galilee Mountains    צורה קטנה Haifa & Carmel Mountain    צורה קטנה  Mediterranean sea


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Our Hotel is located inside the walls of old Acre, next to the Land Gate.

We can be reached by private car and parking is available for our guests.

If you are using public transportation the following options are available:


צורה קטנה Acre Egged Bus station, from all locations in the country.

צורה קטנה Acre Israel Railway station, from Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel-Aviv and Haifa.

צורה קטנה Service Taxis from Haifa, Nahariya and Karmiel.


The Hotel is a 5 minutes taxi ride or a 10 minutes walk from the bus, railway and taxi stations.


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City Landmarks


Akkotel is located at the heart of the old city inside the eastern wall and close to the Land Gate.
The Old City of Acre has been designated a World Heritage Site in 2001 because of its
Crusader buildings and its Ottoman walled town.




 Important Landmarks

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  צורה קטנה Land Gate

  צורה קטנה Port

  צורה קטנה Jezzar Pasha Mosque

  צורה קטנה Citadel of Acre

  צורה קטנה Hamam al-Basha

  צורה קטנה Knights' Halls

  צורה קטנה Khan al-Umdan

  צורה קטנה Bahá'I gardens

  צורה קטנה Wall Treasure Museum

  צורה קטנה Templers Tunnel



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